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Monday, June 25, 2018

           About Arena Of Grace Ministries International THE MANDATE “Go and stop the devil from afflicting my people,tell my people that I am not responsible for their failures, writemyessayrapid.com™ bear me witness that I am not weak,go and liberate my people.”

          (Delivered 10th August, 1997) The word of the lord came to his servant on the 10th of August while he was living in the city of port harcourt Nigeria. In a vision,the lord showed him multitude of people in rags,chains and in servitude,they were all crying and blaming God for their predicaments.

         There was a man in their midst with an iron rod who finds pleasure in afflicting the people. While he was weeping because of the peoples’ affliction the word of the lord came to him saying…

“These people are my people,but the more they weep they blame me for their failures,the man with the iron is the arch enemy of man,go and stop this man from afflicting my people.Tell my people that I am not responsible for their failures,bear me witness that I am not weak,go and deliver my people”.

         This mandate was delivered to God’s servant while the commission known as ARENA OF GRACE MINISTRIES fully started on Easter sunday 2002.  

         Ever since then the lord has proved himself faithful in all ramifications. Arena of Grace ministries International whose primary objective is the development and upliftment of mankind. Stirring up the God given potentials embeded in people of all races and nations.

        Our task is to liberate the entire world from all oppressions of the enemy both spiritual and physical through the teachings and preaching of the word of Faith, schooling them to exploits in life and releasing men and women to their full reviews of time4learning potentials to benefit humanity.

      We have through the grace given us of God, living proofs that this task is progressing with tremendous success by the testimonies of dramatic changes and improvement in the quality of life of the people every where our organisation is represented.