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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


The vision of Arena of grace ministries is to rebuild lives. God has called us to bring new life to His people (Jhn 3:3,6: Ptr 1:23). We desire to reach those who are hurting, have gone astray, who are in need of His guidance and especially those who do not believe in Him.

Our purpose is to teach and preach God's Word in order to help each individual to grow and develop into mature Christians. We desire to see people lead successful, well-rounded lives and be examples to others so that others may know the Lord Jesus Christ.

 We are an all-denominational church, where every individual of any background, nationality or race is welcome.


We are committed to a God-glorified life through:

  • Authentic fellowship
  • Strong Family Relationship
  • Accountability to God and one another
  • Equipping members for victorious Christian life
  • Demonstrating Christ's unconditional love to all
  • Excellence as God-like nature
  • Passionate teaching and adherence to God's Word, The Bible
  • Exhibiting Christ-like character